Frontiers in AI

Explore artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is used to solve real-world problems in a wide variety of disciplines. Presentations will be from faculty and industry experts who study AI technologies in science, art, medicine, business, and more, and will equip students to think about how AI can be applied to their areas of interest. Intended for students from any major/discipline no technical experience needed. No prerequisites.

Registration information

BSC2930, Class 28343: 1 credit, online course, synchronous or asynchronous.

BSC2930, Class 28342: Dual enrolment students, please coordinate with your advisor.

About Frontiers in AI

In this course, you will learn what artificial intelligence (AI) is (from a high-level, conceptual standpoint) and how it is used to solve real-world problems in a wide variety of disciplines. This course will give you a broad overview of how AI technologies are transforming science, art, medicine, business, and more, and it will equip you to think about how AI might be applied to your own areas of interest. This course is intended for students from any major/discipline, and you do not need to have previous AI or technical expertise. For most class sessions, we will learn about applications of AI directly from researchers at UF and from industry who use AI in their work. We invite you to join us in exploring this interesting and important field!

Course Objectives

This course will expose you to basic concepts of AI technologies and how they are applied in a wide variety of disciplines. We will address the following questions throughout the semester:

What is AI? (and what it is not)

What are the main approaches to AI and how do they work? (high-level, non-technical overview)

How is AI applied to real-world problems?

How can we ensure that AI systems are fair and equitable, and how can we use them ethically?

A typical week

Most sessions are presentations from faculty or industry leaders working in AI.

Prepare for class each week by doing the assigned reading in Perusall.

Attend the synchronous online class meetings - Tuesday 7th Period ET(1:55 pm – 2:45 pm). Sessions will be recorded for students who are not able to attend synchronously. However, if possible, synchronous attendance is preferrable as you can interact with the presenters.

Some sessions will have hands-on demos of AI technologies.


For questions or more information, please contact: Matt Gitzendanner